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on Walsall's rich cultural scene
Alison Haynes - Development Coordinator
Lisa Habberley (Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy) - Chair
Baz Chapman - Vice Chair
Walsall Cultural Education Partnership (WCEP) is a network of arts and cultural organisations, artists, schools, FE, HE, the Music Education Hub, Walsall MBC, Arts Connect, public bodies and the voluntary and community sectors. See our full list of current members here.
WCEP started in January 2018 with a wide range of people and organisations including: Children’s Service; Libraries; a Councillor; representatives from across the arts, cultural and heritage sectors, Walsall College of FE, University of Wolverhampton, and several schools from both primary and secondary phases. The CEP has continued to share knowledge and intelligence to develop and shape the vision and aims of the partnership; as well as being successful in levering new investment (e.g. the 2-year Emerge programme and 3-year START programme) to make a difference to the lives of children and young people in Walsall.


Walsall Cultural Education Partnership seeks to capitalise on the strengths of our rich cultural heritage and identity to build a sense of belonging to and pride in our locality.  We will engender a commitment to the intrinsic value and transformative power of arts and culture for children and young people (aged 0-25 years) in Walsall.

What we do

  • Raise awareness of opportunities for children and young people in Walsall

  • Connect the educational sector with arts and cultural organisations and artists

  • Create new arts, cultural and educational opportunities through cross sector working

  • Organise and promote events, programmes and CPD that provide valuable and high quality arts and cultural experiences for children and young people

  • Provide a network for people who want to work together to improve arts and culture for children and young people in Walsall

  • Lever funding to support arts and cultural educational opportunities for children and young people

  • Advocate for our work and that of our partners

Walsall Arts for All
WCEP has been successful in creating a Partnership Investment (PI) with Walsall Council and Arts Connect as one of 5 national Integrated Communities areas which is supported by the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government. Walsall Arts for All is now an established strand of the Walsall for All programme and is using the power of the arts and culture to bring together children, young people and families from different communities. For more details, see our Walsall Arts for All page.​
Black Country Teachers CPD Network
The Black Country Teachers CPD Network is run in partnership with the Dudley CEP (lead partner), Sandwell CEP, Walsall CEP and Wolverhampton CEP to bring together teachers and school staff involved in teaching and promoting the arts and culture. There are networks for Secondary Teachers of: Art & Design, Dance, and Drama/Theatre Studies and also a network just for Primary teachers. To find out more join WCEP.
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